The number one question we get is DOES IT HURT to donate stem cells?

The answer to that is no! Sadly, this is the main reason which stops guys in particular from joining the Registry as many are scared the process would be too painful.

This is just not the case and a myth we are trying need to dispel. Sure, there are needles involved, but for 90% of people this is no worse than donating blood or plasma and getting a few vaccinations shots. Of course, the process is a little bit more involved and more time consuming, but the price you pay is small in comparison to the life you’ve potentially saved.

Jordan donating stem cells for the Anthony Nolan Trust

“So there we go, I’ve officially donated my stem cells! What an absolutely amazing pain free experience I’ve had. To anyone thinking about joining the registry, DO IT!”

Jordan, Donating For The UK’s Anthony Nolan Trust.

Tackling this myth around stem cell and bone marrow donation is one of TLR’s biggest hurdles and why we need more donors to share their experience to help spread the word.

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