Raise life-saving funds.

Joining our fundraising community is like joining a big (slightly crazy) family. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll be massively appreciated. It’ll be fun. It’ll probably involve wine at some point. And it’ll save lives.

Every dollar goes to life-saving stem cell programs.

Some of us shave our heads. Others jump out of planes. Many walk or run the City2Surf – one of our regular fundraising events. But the truth is, you can raise funds any way you like.

Big or small, your fundraiser will make a life-saving difference for people with blood cancers and other diseases that can be treated with stem cell transplants. Every cent you raise will go directly to support stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care. 

Help Save Lives - Every Dollar

recruits one life-saving stem cell donor

pays for one perpetual nursing scholarship

towards GvHD research

Whatever idea you put forward we’ve got your back.

We’ve got a fundraising license. And public liability insurance. And heaps of experience organising and promoting fundraising events, including helping fundraisers convince their employers to dollar-match their fundraising totals through pre-tax donations or workplace giving.

So, chances are, if you’ve got a fundraising question, we’ve got the answer and all the support you need.

Skydiving, head-shaving and fundraising not your thing?

No problem. Instead of raising money, you could raise your hand to volunteer at one of our events. Or help us raise awareness among young people about how easy it is to join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Register (ABMDR) and become a life-saving stem cell donor. The ABMDR desperately needs more young male donors who are the best hope for people with blood cancers and other diseases.

Or you could simply raise our fundraising total by making a donation.

Join us in putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising.

Want to join one of our fundraising teams or take part in a TLR fundraiser? Not sure about shaving your head, but keen to volunteer at a fundraising event like the City2Surf? We’d love to hear from you.