Be a stem cell donor. Be a legend.
Join the stem cell donor registry.

For someone who’s critically ill with blood cancer, you – and your blood stem cells – could be their only hope.


Australians are diagnosed
with blood cancer every day.


Australians lose their life to
blood cancer every day.


You could be the one person
who can save a critically ill

Photo 1 - Trace

Your fellow Aussies need you.

Every 28 minutes, another Australian is diagnosed with blood cancer. For many, a stem cell transplant from a stranger is their only hope (less than half find a match in their family). That’s why we’re partnering with Strength to Give to recruit committed legends to the stem cell registry.

Anyone aged 18 to 35 can be a
stem cell donor.

Blood cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. More diverse donors means more matches. More matches means more lives saved. That said, younger male volunteers (18-35) make the best donors. Find out why.

Photo 2 - Amit StG
Photo 3 - Karam & Kim 1

Joining the registry is easy.

Just a few simple cheek swabs and you’re done! Register online and a cheek swab kit will be posted to your door. And the donation process is a whole lot quicker and easier than it used to be, too.

It’s not for everyone.
Just legends.

While joining the stem cell registry is easy and donating stem cells nothing to worry about, you need to be 100% committed. If you’re one of the 1 in 1,500 people who is a match for a blood cancer patient, we – and they – need to be able to count on you. Read about how stem cell donation works.

Photo 4 - Jordan



Registered stem cell donors worldwide.

1 in 1,500

Australians on the registry will be asked to donate stem cells.


Stem cell transplants worldwide each year.

How else can you be a legend?

There aren’t nearly enough committed volunteers on the stem cell registry, especially young men (18-35). We’re partnering with Strength to Give to change all that. And you can help, even if you’re not 18-35.

A donation to support our recruitment program also makes you a stem cell legend – $100 donation pays for another legend to join the stem cell registry.