We look forward to having the biggest and best City2Surf TLR team ever!

We are over half way to reaching our $160,000 goal to establish the TLR Trace Richey Nursing Scholarship which will fund nurses wanting to specialise in the care they give to transplant patients. When we hit our goal, we will be offering a perpetual scholarship, a Master in Cancer & Haematology Nursing at the University of Sydney. As soon as one nurse graduates, it will be offered to the next, and the next, forever!

TLR is a fundraising team, everyone is expected to try and raise some money to help. There is no minimum to raise, just a hope that everyone will try their best to help us with our cause.

Please know the costs of the marquee, food and (adult) beverages have been covered by our generous corporate partner, Nomos Legal to show their appreciation of your fundraising efforts, and for us to come together and celebrate as a team.

TLR Nursing Scholarship

Joining the TLR team is a two-part process:


Registering to run with City2Surf


Creating a Fundraising Page

 (Please note the registration fee you pay goes directly to the City2surf organisers to cover the event. No charity receives a cent of this so please know this is not part of your fundraising efforts).

Step 1. Registering with the City2Surf

Clicking this link will automatically register you as part of Team TLR:


  • Click on ‘2019 City2Surf - 14km’ and select either Adult, Child, or Family entry.
  • Enter in all your details – for walkers, join the ‘Back of the Pack Orange Start’ group, for joggers, join the ‘Westpac Yellow Start’ group. Runners pick the ‘Blue Start’.
  • Skip through the next two pages unless you want to donate to a charity (TLR is not listed here) or unless you want to buy City2Surf merchandise. The TLR Foundation will be providing t-shirts and caps this year so we will be in touch for this information nearer the race.

Ta Daa – you are now registered on the TLR - All for Trace team and we will now have your joining instructions so will be in touch.

Step 2. Creating a Fundraising Page

While the City2Surf uses Everyday Hero as its main fundraising platform, TLR Foundation will be using a company called Grassrootz as TLR ultimately gets more of the funds donated.

Setting up a fundraising page has never been easier!

Click on the link: https://tlr.grassrootz.com/city2surf-team-tlr,

Click on the grey “Fundraise” button at the top right.

Name your page, set your fundraising goal and click Finish.

Enter your name, email address and a password and your account is set up. Take the tour to update your details:

  • Update your profile pic to that shows the real you. This can be a family pic, or one from a Friday night after seventeen cocktails, that choice is yours.
  • We have pre populated your story, but please feel free the change or embellish as you see fit, after all, it’s you who are going to be raising the money.
  • It’s going to ask you to make a one =-off donation to YOURSELF, which is lovely and all, but we would prefer you to raise some money from your family, friends and work colleagues, too. So please feel free to click on the “I don’t want to donate just now” text at the bottom of the page.
  • Share your link of Facebook, LinkedIn or via email – after all, 14 kms is no walk in the park!
  • Click on Finish and you are done.

Please note you can click on the “Update Page” button on the left-hand side and change your information at any time.

Save your new website address and share with friends and family and you are ready to start fundraising… WOO HOO! All donations are tax deductable and donors will automatically receive a receipt as soon as the donation is processed.

Please note there is an ‘optional’ 5% ticket on any donation. This can be simply removed by unticking the circle, but this is how Grassrootz make their money. If someone donates $100 to TLR and leaves this ticked they will pay $105 and TLR will get $100, Grassrootz will get $5 and the donor will receive a tax deductable invoice for $105. If the donor unticks the 5%, TLR will still get $100, the donor will receive a tax deductable invoice for $100 and Grassrootz will not get a cent. This is voluntary but please know that Grassrootz no longer charges TLR any annual subscription fees or automatically keeps any portion of your donation unless you agree to leave in the additional 5%.

Any problems simply email us at info@tlr.org.au

Thank you all for being a part of this and helping make a real difference to the lives of nurses.

Our Tick Of Approval


The TLR Foundation is proud to be registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). We chose to register with the ACNC because we want you to know that we are transparent, ethical, reputable, and worthy of your support.

The TLR Foundation has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status as issued by the ATO.

ABN: 62 622 437 254. Charitable Fundraising Number CFN/24879.
TLR receives no government funding and relies entirely on the kind support of our donors, fundraisers and volunteers to continue our work.

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