If you’re 18-35 you could be the only person on the planet who could save the life of someone with blood cancer.

Thinking big. Working smart.
Saving lives. Together.

By focusing on gaps in the treatment of blood cancer and other diseases that can be treated by stem cell transplants, our growing community of donors, fundraisers and supporters are having a big impact.

We’re talking about life-changing, life-saving stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care. And we’ve got even bigger plans.

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Nursing Scholarships

TLR recognises the incredible dedication nurses give to patients and their carers and encourage those wanting to further their education to specialise in caring for transplant patients.

We think long term! Our Nursing Scholarships are perpetual and awarded to nurses wanting to graduate with a Master in Cancer & Haematology Nursing through the University of Sydney.

Every stem cell donor is a legend.

Aged 18 – 35? You could be the only person in the world able to save someone with blood cancer or another disease that can be treated with a stem cell transplant.

That’s why recruiting stem cell donors – especially young male donors, whose stem cells give patients the best hope of success – is one of our key areas of focus.

Joining the Australia registry through the Strength to Give’s cheek swab program and becoming a legend is easy.

Jordan donating stem cells for the Anthony Nolan Trust
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Every dollar changes and saves lives.

Our charity is run by volunteers who cover our foundation’s operating costs.

That means every dollar you donate or raise goes directly to stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care programs.

You’re not simply giving your money or time. You’re giving someone who’s counting on a stem cell transplant the hope, treatment and care they need, often when every other option has been exhausted.

One transplant. Every hope of survival.

A stem cell transplant could be the only hope if you or someone you love is diagnosed with blood cancer or diseases that can be treated with blood stem cells. Help us fund vital stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care.

Give hope to patients and their families across Australia and beyond by joining our growing community of generous donors, fundraisers and supporters.

Australians are living with blood cancer.
Australians are diagnosed with blood cancer every day.
Australians lose their life to blood cancer every day.