Our impact

Establishing a new hospital room. Educating specialist transplant nurses. Finding new stem cell donors. Improving transplant success through GvHD research. Our little team and growing army of supporters are having a big impact. 

Think big. Work smart.
Get stuff done.

That’s our motto. And that’s how our little team of volunteers has mobilised a growing army of supporters. An army that’s changing and saving the lives of people with blood cancers and diseases that can be treated with blood stem cells. And we’re just getting started.

Every cent our supporters donate or raise goes directly to life-changing stem cell donor recruitment, scholarships, research, treatments and care.

1.3 Trace Richey Patient Room

The Trace Richey Patient Room.

Located in the new Haematology, Blood and Marrow Transplant Ward at Sydney’s St Vincent’s hospital, this state-of-the-art room is designed for patients who need a stem cell transplant.

It’s packed with cutting-edge tech to reduce the risk of infection. And it gives patients and their loved ones the privacy and dignity they deserve.

Scholarships for specialist nurses.

Recruiting more stem cell donors is vital, but so is training more nurses to provide specialist care for transplant patients.

That’s why we’ve set up our first perpetual scholarship to support nurses studying a Master in Cancer and Haematology Nursing at the University of Sydney. More haematology oncology nurses. Better patient care, treatment and outcomes.

Our Impact - Scholarship for nurses

More young male donors.

More donor-patient matches.

More lives saved.

Our Impact - GvHD

Preventing potentially fatal transplant complications.

Stem cell transplant patients are at risk of Graft vs Host Disease (GvHD), where the donor stem cells attack the patient. It’s a common, sometimes fatal complication.

We are supporting vital GvHD research at the University of Wollongong into treatment and cure of GvHD. We also provide grants to help people living with GvHD improve their quality of life.

Recruiting more stem cell donors.

Contrary to popular myth, donating blood stem cells is easy. And it’s often the last life-saving hope if you have blood cancer or another life-threatening disease that affects stem cell production.

Science tells us that men aged 18-35 make the best donors – a cohort that’s sorely underrepresented on the Australian registry. Our partnership with Strength to Give will change all that.

Recruiting more donors

Big wins. Big smiles all round.

Donating is easy. Fundraising is fun. And with 100% directly supporting life-changing, life-saving stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care, whatever you do will feel good.