Apply for nursing scholarship

At the TLR Foundation (TLR) our focus isn’t only on the patients with blood cancers and other diseases treatable with a bone marrow/stem cell transplant, it’s also on the nurses who care for them.

After seeing firsthand the dedication and care given to patients like Trace going through this most confronting of treatments, we want to show our love and gratitude by helping nurses advance their careers in Haematology Oncology.

TLR is currently establishing its inaugural Trace Richey Scholarship which will fund a Master in Cancer and Haematology Nursing degree at the University of Sydney for one full-time or two part-time nurses each year…forever.

The course is designed for registered nurses who want to further their education and develop a comprehensive knowledge of the best prevention, diagnosis and management of these diseases and treatment trends, and explore the impact of these illnesses on the patient, the family and the community around them.

With the number of bone marrow/stem cell transplants increasing each year, the number of nurses specialising in the care of these patients needs to increase and TLR aim is to help as many of these nurses as we can.

Nurses, we love you!