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We may be a small charity, but because we focus on gaps in the treatment of blood cancers and other diseases that can be treated with blood stem cells, we have a big impact. And as a corporate partner, you can too.

Want to be an event or program sponsor?

Thinking of a branded fundraiser?

How about a workplace giving program?

Raise funds, workforce morale and your brand’s profile.

Maybe you could sponsor our annual City2Surf event. Or you and your people could come up with your own fundraiser. Or sponsor our uni-focused Oz Marrow stem cell donor recruitment program.

There are all sorts of sponsorship opportunities on the table. And plenty we haven’t even thought of yet. But whatever we do together, it’ll be good.

Good for people with blood cancers and other diseases that can be treated with stem cell transplants. Good for your workplace culture and morale. Good for your public profile. Good for business.

recruits one life-saving stem cell donor.

pays for one nursing scholarship

towards GvHD research.



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Sponsor Oz Marrow.

Young men make the best stem cell donors, giving people with blood cancers and other diseases the best chance of success. Sadly, this cohort is a tiny fraction of the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Register (ABMDR). 

With Oz Marrow, our new donor recruitment program, we’re changing all that, and misconceptions about donating stem cells being painful.

More young donors. More lives saved. 

Oz Marrow will use a new cheek swab registration process to recruit young men to the ABMDR, mainly via Australia’s university system. It’s a life-saving game-changer. And you can secure naming rights for this landmark project.

A great way to raise your brand’s profile among young people. A perfect tie-in with your graduate program.

So many options. So, let’s talk.

Find out more about our sponsorship tiers. Learn about sponsoring a fundraising event. Register your interest in sponsoring our Oz Marrow program. Or just get in touch and talk to our team about your options.