Help save lives

A stem cell transplant may be the only hope for a person with blood cancer. But there’s a host of ways you can help save their life.

Help Save Lives - Every Dollar

Every dollar you donate or raise saves lives

Our charity is run by volunteers, who also cover our organisation’s operational costs. This means that when you make a donation or join our growing fundraising community, every dollar you donate or raise goes directly to our life-changing, life-saving stem cell donor recruitment, research, treatment and care programs.

Make a donation

Donate to stem cell donor recruitment, transplant research or scholarships for nurses studying to provide specialist cancer and haematology treatments and care. Ultimately, every donation helps patients.


Our charity is run by volunteers.

Our programs are funded by you.

No government funding here.


Become a fundraiser

Join our fundraising community and we’ll provide all the help and support you need. We’ll be behind you every step of the way. Unless you’re running a marathon, in which case we’ll see you at the end to celebrate.

Become a corporate sponsor

Sure, we’re a small charity. But by focusing on gaps in the treatment of blood cancers and other diseases that can be treated with stem cell transplants, we have a big impact. And as a corporate partner, you can too.

Recruiting more donors

Become a stem cell donor

Donating blood stem cells is arguably one of the easiest ways to save someone’s life. Simply order your free cheek swab through our partner, Strength to Give, to get started.